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Hotel travelers gripe as resort fees rise
The Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas is charging him a resort fee of nearly $ 30 per day for an upcoming family reunion, something he noticed only in the last stage of booking through a travel website. Since the Luxor, which is a unit of MGM Resorts, has no …
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Does 'American Horror Story' Season 6 Take Place At Thacher School? 'Hotel
If you watched the American Horror Story: Hotel finale you might have been on the lookout for clues as to what AHS Season 6 will be about. Well, I have a theory and it all has to do with a super fancy boarding school. Did you notice that a certain …
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Why Georgia's hotel fee may be here to stay
Georgia hospitality heavyweights have their work cut out for them if they want to soften the sting of a new nightly $ 5 fee tacked on to hotel and motel stays to fund transportation improvements. Success could be at the core of their dilemma. Gov …
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