Yosemite hotels? Try Mariposa's historic inn

Yosemite hotels? Try Mariposa’s historic inn
But the building that houses the Mariposa Hotel Inn, which sits squarely on the town’s main drag, surrounded by appealing restaurants and shops, dates back to 1901. The land was the site of a hotel and bar during the Gold Rush as well. And we are big …
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Hotel staff reveal the secrets they don’t want guests to know
Having a stay away in a hotel is seen as a luxury for many. You’re waited on hand and foot, eat delicious food and don’t have to worry about things such as laundry and cleaning up after yourself. But there are a group of people for which hotels aren’t …
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11 express interest in Massport’s South Boston hotel project
Massport received interest from eight new developers in recent weeks for a smaller hotel project on Summer Street. These are in addition to the three development teams that had been angling to build a much larger “headquarters hotel” on a two-acre …
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